⬆️Benefits of Being the Celestial Collection NFT Holder

Exclusive Access to the OG Community Round of NOX Presale

Access to the exclusive Community Round of NOX Presale.

  • No differentiation between gifted and purchased NFTs on Arbitrum.

  • Holders of the NFTs on BSC receive corresponding copies of their NFTs on Arbitrum.

  • NFT Staking will allow holders to stake a single set of Celestial Collection on Arbitrum for additional multipliers on NOX staking.

  • Excess NFTs can be sold, providing additional profit for the holder.

Example: I hold 1x Gifted Summer, 1x Purchased Summer, and 1x Purchased Vernal NFT on BSC. When claiming, I receive 2x Summer and 1x Vernal NFT on Arbitrum.

Eligibility to Claim NOX Tokens

  • Summer NFT - 58,625 NOX

  • Vernal NFT - 7,480 NOX

  • Winter NFT - 4,205 NOX

  • Autumnal NFT - 2,420 NOX

  • Full set (Summer + Vernal + Winter + Autumnal) - 7,270 NOX Bonus

  • Holders may have more than one complete set in their wallet.

  • Note that only purchased NFTs are eligible for claiming NOX tokens.

  • Although gifted NFTs cannot directly claim NOX, they contribute to completing sets for bonus amounts.

Eligibility to Claim Equinox Ecosystem Access Pass NFTs

  • Note that only gifted NFTs are eligible for claiming Access Pass NFTs.

  • Access Pass NFTs were introduced to continue providing access to the Noxstarter for gifted NFT holders.

Access to Exclusive Community Engagement Campaign, Allowing Gifted NFT Holders to Earn NOX Tokens Through Active Participation

  • Gifted Summer - 2,930 NOX

  • Gifted Vernal - 374 NOX

  • Gifted Winter - 210 NOX

  • Gifted Autumnal - 121 NOX

Celestial Collection NFTs can only be purchased from other holders on the secondary market.

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