At Equinox, our goal is to empower our community with an innovative platform and a suite of Web3 tools designed to simplify access to the most promising emerging projects. Noxstarter transcends the traditional launchpad concept, providing a blueprint for the next step in the evolution of platforms offering access to early project onboarding. It serves as a gateway, connecting the Equinox Community with high-quality projects in the early stages of building engagement and growth.

The process outlined in the Noxstarter section of this guide is currently under development and implementation. Initially, the Equinox team may adjust certain parameters within this system to fine-tune the process, ensuring it remains fair, attractive, and meaningful.

After a period of stress-testing and data collection across several presales, manual adjustments will be substituted with constant values or formulas. This change aims to ensure the automation and decentralization of the process.

Additional changes to the process may be implemented based on feedback received from community members and partners.

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