๐Ÿ‘ตHistory of Equinox

Equinox began as a concept in September 2021, born from a desire to create a more equitable and engaging digital world. Our journey through the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market is a testament to our resilience and commitment to our community. From the launch of our initial platforms to our expansion into gaming and beyond, every step has been guided by our dedication to innovation and ethical practices.

Chapter I - Apollo-X

In response to the challenges faced by projects and investors during the 2021 bull run, Grow Group, with its expertise in the Web3 space, set out to revolutionize the launch space. Recognizing that the saturation of launches was diminishing content quality and causing investor fatigue, Grow Group aimed to create an innovative launchpad. In partnership with Master Ventures and Paid Network, Apollo-X emerged as a solution, introducing avatars and character narratives to educate investors about projects. Grow Events innovatively introduced virtual launches, immersing investors in virtual worlds, custom-built using Unreal Engine. This groundbreaking approach not only broke new frontiers but also engaged the community, setting the stage for Equinox's emergence as a transformative force in the Web3 space.

Chapter II - Birth of Equinox

Constrained by the limitations of the Paid token model, the visionaries behind Apollo-X diverged from Paid Network and Master Ventures, embarking on a mission to materialize a fully transparent and universally fair launchpad for the people. September 22, 2021 - the autumnal equinox - marked the birth of the Equinox Ecosystem. In a bid to further improve on the launchpad approach and mitigate challenges associated with prevailing token models, Equinox pioneered an innovative NFT-gated access to its launchpad. Using the Celestial Collection NFTs for launchpad access provided an opportunity to delay the token launch until developments in EVM token standards and lessons from the full cycle enabled the team to create a token supporting the long-term plans for project decentralization. Focusing on experiential marketing and creating rich educational content allowed Equinox to quickly scale and establish its position with a unique offering amongst other notable launchpads in the Web3 space.

The vibrant community cultivated at Apollo-X received Equinox's Celestial Collection NFTs as a token of appreciation, providing them free access to the Equinox Launchpad, while allowing Equinox to kickstart its community. Since then, many other enthusiasts have joined this pioneering platform and formed an OG Community at Equinox.

Chapter III - The Dawn of Equinox and Dusk of the Bull Market

Establishing its launchpad at the end of the bull market, Equinox and its community conducted a mix of private and public IDOs and INOs for 24 distinct projects from October 2021 to June 2022. This concerted effort resulted in an impressive cumulative fundraising of over $5.6 million for the supported projects. The success of these endeavors not only demonstrated Equinox's prowess in navigating market conditions but also showcased the strength of its community and the community-driven approach.

Bull market witnessed a surge of projects eager to embrace the innovative ethos of Web3, promising to change the world. It was a time filled with optimism and opportunities, allowing many ventures to embark on hasty product launches, navigating the uncharted waters of this cutting-edge frontier armed with little more than a compelling pitch deck and a visionary whitepaper.

However, the crypto winter that followed exposed this fragility, unraveling many of these projects and leaving a trail of unmet expectations and altered visions, often at the expense of early supporters. The demise of numerous projects became a testament to the unforgiving nature of this transformative space but also offered a wealth of knowledge to those who watched closely and were agile enough to adapt to the changing conditions. Those who weathered the storms, navigating both the peaks and troughs of the market, are now emerging with products that have matured, poised to improve on the established standards and spearhead the forthcoming wave of innovation in Web3.

Chapter IV - Shaping Resilience

Equinox Ecosystem emerges as a paradigm of this shift. Initiated at the tail-end of the last bull market, Equinox experienced the full spectrum of market conditions. The sudden and drastic shift in the market conditions required equally drastic response, but being able to adapt to these turbulent times, Equinox remained steadfastly committed to its community. Team continued providing transparent updates, engaging in dialogues for future enhancements, and fostering robust networks within the infrastructure and gaming sectors of Web3. Team membersโ€™ participation in key events like the GDC and Avalanche Summit II, coupled with various business development endeavors, helped cultivate a rich tapestry of connections, fortifying Equinox's position in the Web3 space.

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