🧑‍🚀Sentinels of Equinox

Discover the 'Sentinels of Equinox': a dynamic team of influencers and content creators revolutionizing Web3 gaming. They amplify top-tier Web3 games, fuel community spirit, and collaborate with Equinox and Grow Studio to craft captivating content, elevating projects offering early access through Noxstarter. Anyone who seeks to make the Web3 Gaming ecosystem a safer place is welcome.

Empowered Communities

The Sentinels offer more than promotion, they live and breathe gaming which authentically resonates with your audience.

Become a Sentinel of Equinox: If you're a content creator, apply by completing the Sentinels of Equinox Onboarding Form.

For more information visit dedicated to Sentinels of Equinox section of our website.

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