🦮How to Participate in the NOX Public Round

How to Use the Presale App

  1. Prepare Funds: Ensure you have sufficient USDT on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

  2. Connect to the Noxstarter: Visit https://launch.equinox.fund/ and connect your wallet.

  3. Select NOX Public Round from Noxstarter's project line-up: You will be able to see the stage number and whether it's live. Click "See Details" button for more information and to access the participation console.

  4. Educate Yourself: Before participating, learn what NOX token is, its utility within the Equinox Ecosystem, and comprehend that token contract involves mechanisms like sell/transfer tax. More information is provided within the About, Tokenomics, Public Round Details, and Restrictions tabs.

  5. Enter Purchase Amount: Using participation console specify how much USDT you want to spend on NOX.

  6. Approve and Buy: First, approve the access to the presale contract using the “Approve” button, then finalize the purchase of NOX with the “Buy” button. You will need to confirm both transactions in MetaMask.

Token Distribution

NOX tokens acquired in Public Round will be claimable from dedicated portal provided by Equinox, before the NOX listing. Bonus tokens from each stage will be automatically added to the individual rewards count when the stage ends.

Bonus tokens that may be rewarded in the Public Round will be provided prestaked for a minimum staking period of 28 days, subject to early unstaking fee within this period.

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