🎁Additional Means for Acquiring NOX

Nurturing Engagement: Expanding NOX Token Accessibility

In addition to the presale rounds, there are several other pathways for acquiring NOX tokens, but these usually require some extra work and luck from those seeking to boost their NOX holdings.

Celestial Collection NFT Holders: Transition to NOX-Based Access

Distribution of NOX tokens to Celestial Collection NFT holders who purchased their NFTs is a strategic step in the shift from an NFT-gated launchpad to a more expansive NOX token-based ecosystem. This transition ensures that NFT holders can claim an amount of NOX corresponding to the original access level granted by their NFTs. While maintaining access to the early investment opportunities, the shift significantly enhances the range of benefits within the NOX-based ecosystem.

Although the entry point for NFT holders is around $0.2, considering the original mint price of the NFTs, these holders enjoy the privilege of participating in all three presale rounds. Furthermore, their NFTs will contribute an additional bonus to the pool weight generation from NOX staking, thereby influencing the proportion of Ecosystem Rewards they will be eligible for.

Visit Celestial Collection NFTs section for more information on the history and benefits of holding the NFTs.

Early Participation Rewards: Incentivizing Presale Participation

The early participation rewards program allocates 3.5M NOX tokens to a special staking pool. Participants who purchase NOX tokens during the presale are eligible to stake them and earn a share of this pool. Rather than providing the typical APY, the distribution is based on the amount of NOX staked and the duration of the stake.

  • The staking period concludes on the 21st of February 2024, at 12 pm UTC (before launching the liquidity pool on DEX)

  • Staked NOX and accrued NOX rewards will be automatically released at the staking period's conclusion and must be claimed by the participants.

  • NOX staked for participation rewards cannot be unstaked and withdrawn until the end of staking period.

Community Engagement Campaigns: Active Participation Rewards

Through various engagement campaigns on social media and community channels, aimed at growing the community engagement and widening the awareness of Equinox Ecosystem, an impressive 9,248,927 NOX tokens will be distributed to KOLs and active community members, including those who have been gifted Celestial Collection NFTs. For this initiative, Equinox has partnered with Chappyz, a leading AI-powered tool specializing in community engagement, to ensure fair and efficient distribution of rewards.

Follow Nox_Ecosystem on X for announcements of any upcoming campaigns.

Nox Vegas Rewards Pool: Gaming with NOX

Finally, the Nox Vegas platform presents an exciting opportunity for gaming enthusiasts. A dedicated rewards pool of 5M NOX tokens is available for players who wish to try their luck in a growing variety of chance-based games, built in-house.

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