🎲Lottery System

The Thrill of the Draw

In Noxstarter, participating in tiers 1-8 introduces you to the excitement of our lottery system. It's here that your chance to access presale opportunities comes alive. Each participant within these tiers is automatically entered into the lottery when they prefund their allocation, receiving a ticket that could unlock the door to exclusive opportunities.

More Than Just Luck

While luck plays a huge role, your active participation can significantly enhance your chances. Prefund your allocation as soon as you can, engage in the community to take advantage of our giveaways, or try your luck in Nox Vegas to earn additional lottery tickets. Each extra ticket is an additional chance to win in the lottery and increase your individual allocation size, which can help you punch above the limits of your tier.

Early Prefunding

Early prefunding is particularly beneficial as it generates an additional lottery ticket within your tier(s) every day from locking the funds to the end of the prefunding period. Aim to prefund your allocation as soon as it becomes available to maximize your chances.


Active participation in game nights and our social media campaigns may score you some extra tickets across all 8 tiers, not limited to the tier you have already access to. Stay engaged and follow us on our social media channels.

Nox Vegas

Nox Vegas, featuring in-house-built chance-based games, offers a limited number of tickets spanning all 8 tiers as prizes. This presents everyone with an opportunity to test their luck in Nox Vegas, aiming not only to secure additional tickets but also to win other exciting prizes.

Dynamic Odds and Allocation Chances

The odds of winning in the lottery are dynamically managed to ensure the individual allocations are not over diluted, maintaining the allocations per winning ticket attractive and meaningful. The number of winning tickets per tier will be set to 60% of the participating wallets in each tier.

For example, if there are 400 wallets participating in Tier 1 and 300 wallets participating in Tier 2, system will set the number of winning tickets to 240 for Tier 1 and 180 in Tier 2.

Initially, Equinox Team will have the ability to adjust the ratio of winning tickets for each presale opportunity, ensuring the lottery parameters remain fair, attractive, and meaningful. Utilizing the participation data from presales the team will devise automated system if adjustments based on specific circumstances are necessary.

The probability of winning with an individual ticket is initially set at 60%, assuming all participants prefund their allocation on the last day without any additional tickets. However, this probability dynamically changes as more tickets enter the competition. Those participants who prefund early or acquire additional tickets through active participation in the Noxstarter ecosystem can maintain or even increase their chances of winning.

Each winning ticket comes with individual allocation and having multiple winning tickets is possible. This feature adds an exciting dimension to the lottery, allowing participants to potentially secure allocations that are larger than what their tier ordinarily permits. Tickets are generated for lotteries within given tiers, so participants compete only for allocations within their respective tiers, without affecting the equitable distribution across the entire tier system.

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