Public Round

Public Round: Inclusive Activation of NOX Tokenomics

The Public Round is the final and most crucial phase of the NOX token presale, carefully designed to foster inclusive access to the Equinox Ecosystem, enable market-driven price discovery, and activate the NOX token's non-inflationary model by ensuring that all remaining tokens are either sold, distributed, or effectively burned.

The round is segmented into 10 distinct periods, each characterized by its own timeframe, token allocation, pricing, individual buyer limits, reward distributions, and token burning. This structure allows for a systematic and transparent approach to token distribution, ensuring fairness and clarity for all participants.

At the heart of the Public Round's design is the bonding curve, which adjusts the price of NOX based on the total amount of tokens sold in each period. This mechanism allows for a flexible and market-responsive pricing strategy, catering to demand while providing participants with clear insights into the token's value progression. The price of the token for each subsequent period can increase up to 10%, based on the total amount of tokens sold in the preceding period.

While bonding curves are a well-established mechanism in the Web3 space, Equinox introduces an innovative twist by pairing this with token burning and participation rewards. At the conclusion of each period, any unsold tokens are subject to redistribution among all participants in the given period and burning. This serves a dual purpose: it permanently reduces the total supply of NOX, enhancing its scarcity, while also ensuring that no excess tokens linger in the project's reserves.

Allocation and Pricing Details:

  • Total Allocation: Approximately 34.5% of Total NOX Supply*

  • Amount of NOX Allocated: Approximately 34,500,000 (34.5M) NOX*

  • Individual Maximum Allocation: Set per wallet, refreshed with each period of the Public Round.

  • Presale Price: Starting at $0.09 per NOX in Period 1, then adjusting according to the bonding curve for each subsequent period.

  • Projected Total Raise: Varies based on participation (approximately $0 - $5,527,220)

  • Access Requirements: Open to all, with no additional requirements.

  • Presale Timeline: Q1 2024, subsequent to the Community Round.

*The actual allocation is dependent on the final allocation for Celestial Collection NFT holders.

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