๐Ÿ•ฃHistory of the Celestial Collection

The Celestial Collection was created to mitigate token price volatility and enable Equinox to operate until the development of a suitable tokenomics model. This innovative approach distinguished Equinox from other launchpads and placed it in a unique position at the dawn of the new bull run.

Celestial Collection NFTs Original Utility

  • Summer - Tier 4

    • Guaranteed allocation in IDOs.

    • Highest allocation.

  • Vernal - Tier 3

    • Lottery & FCFS (First-Come, First-Served).

    • High allocation.

  • Winter - Tier 2

    • Lottery & FCFS.

    • Moderate allocation.

  • Autumnal - Tier 1

    • Lottery & FCFS.

    • Low allocation.

The first 65% of each pool was allocated to lottery winners. Once those were filled, the final 35% of each tierโ€™s total pot was available to non-winning lottery participants on a FCFS basis.

To ensure the Summer NOX tier remained the top tier, a waterfall allocation method was used, meaning that participation levels in the top tier determined the allocation for each tier below.

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