🎁Gifted Celestial Collection NFTs

OG Community Members who followed the Equinox Founders from Apollo-X received gifted NFTs matching their contributions to IDOs within Apollo-X, allowing them to participate in launches on Equinox. This gesture was an expression of gratitude to loyal community members, affirming the team's commitment to reciprocate the trust and loyalty bestowed by the community. It stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between Equinox and its community, acknowledging their pivotal role in the shared journey.

Gifted NFT Restrictions

Providing a large number of community members with gifted NFTs required the team to impose restrictions on these NFTs to protect the interests of the growing community and new members who needed to purchase NFTs for launchpad access.

Gifted NFTs came with the following restrictions:

  • Non-transferable until sold.

  • A total of 80% in Tax and Royalty fees on the first sale.

  • Unable to sell below the mint price.

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