๐Ÿ”’NOX Staking


NOX holders will be required to stake their NOX to:

  • Generate pool weight determining the size of their Ecosystem Rewards share.

  • Access Noxstarter's tiered system for access to token and NFT presales from a curated lineup of top-quality projects.

โ€˜Staking Instanceโ€™ - created any time a token holder locks the tokens in a staking contract.

Example: I have 1,500 NOX tokens. I stake 500 NOX on a 30-day minimum staking term, 500 NOX on a 30-day minimum staking term, and 500 NOX on a 1-year minimum staking term, using three separate staking actions. The system registers them as separate โ€˜instancesโ€™. When I unstake one of my 500 NOX instances locked for a 30-day minimum, the unstaking only affects this instance, and the other two remain unaffected.

Token Holders will be able to stake any amount of tokens to start generating pool weight, but they will be required to stake at least 250 NOX to gain a Tier 1 access to the Ecosystem. Token Holders will be able to select:

  • The amount of tokens they want to stake.

  • The minimum staking period from 7 to 365 days with a linear multiplier rise from 0.025x to 0.1x.

Staking Celestial Collection NFTs will provide additional bonuses to the multiplier.

Staking Pool Weight

  • Pool weight will be generated in real-time.

  • Base Staked Token Amount is the base value of pool weight.

  • Base Staked Token Amount * Staking Multiplier is added with every block.

  • The sum of total pool weights generated across all instances associated with the wallet is used to determine the userโ€™s eligibility for the Ecosystem Rewards and the size of their share.

  • Only pool weight from staking instances older than 30 days are included in the eligible pool weight calculation.

  • Pool weight generation for each staked instance stops after a year (365 days), reaching the cap.

Compounding Rewards

  • Users will be able to compound rewards into their existing staking instances manually or by enabling auto-compound.

  • When compounded, rewards are added to the staked instance they originated from.

  • Compounded rewards cannot retroactively change the pool weight calculated for the staked instance but will be included in future increments, starting with the next block.

  • Compounding rewards into existing staked instances makes them eligible for the next payout of the Ecosystem Rewards, without the need for a 30-day staking period.

  • Compounded rewards are subject to the staked instanceโ€™s minimum staking terms.

  • If the minimum staking period on the staked instance ends, both the originally staked funds and all compounded rewards can be immediately unstaked without an early withdrawal fee, even if compounded funds alone didnโ€™t meet the minimum staking period requirement.

Unstaking and Withdrawal of NOX

  • Staked NOX Token Holders will be able to unstake and withdraw their funds at any time.

  • No partial withdrawal is allowed; when unstaking and withdrawing the funds, the user does so for all tokens locked within the staked instance.

  • Unstaking and withdrawing funds in a single staked instance does not affect the other instances associated with the user's wallet.

  • If a user unstakes the funds within the minimum staking period they selected, the user will receive only 90% of the tokens staked within this staked instance, and the remaining 10% of unlocked tokens will be sent to the Ecosystem Rewards pool to be distributed among all users of the ecosystem who stake their tokens.

  • When unstaking the funds within the staked instance, the user forfeits:

    • All the pool weight generated to date by this staked instance (other instances are unaffected).

    • Eligibility for any undistributed rewards, based on the removed pool weight.

    • Access to the Noxstarter,'s tier allocation, if the userโ€™s total staked token holding falls outside the pre-withdrawn tier minimum requirements.

    • 10% of the locked tokens, if unstaked before the end of the minimum staking period.

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