💡New Life of The Celestial Collection

The original Celestial Collection helped Equinox achieve the goals set forth at its inception. Equinox had a successful start without prematurely launching a token using tokenomics that were not optimal and did not support the long-term goals of creating a fully decentralized platform in the hands of its community. Lessons learned in the last cycle and the latest developments in the Web3 space allowed Equinox to conceive the NOX token, enabling it to move toward achieving its ultimate goal. This means it is time to bid farewell to the beloved Celestial Collection as a token gating access to early presale opportunities.

Preserving History

The Celestial Collection became more than a token gating access to our platform. It's part of our history, an important milestone on our roadmap to a fully decentralized, community-owned platform. Therefore, we wanted to preserve this collection, and we found a perfect fit for it within our evolved ecosystem powered by the NOX token.

Celestial Collection Utility

Within the new and improved ecosystem, the Celestial Collection no longer gates access to the opportunities for early access to quality projects. This core functionality will be completely transferred to the NOX token.

OG Badge

Moving forward, Celestial Collection NFTs will serve as an OG badge. With its limited supply, only the owners of the original NFTs will be able to claim the renewed copies of their NFTs on the Arbitrum One Blockchain. In December 2023, the sale of new Celestial Collection NFTs ceased, setting up the maximum total supply for the collection.

A Little Extra

To provide a little extra 'thank you' to all our OG Community Members, we wanted to offer an additional token of our appreciation for their unwavering loyalty and support through the ups and downs of our journey. For this, we decided to allow Celestial Collection holders to stake a single set for additional multipliers on their NOX staking, providing real value in generating pool weight affecting the share of profits through the Ecosystem Rewards.

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