🔑Access Requirements

Opening Doors to Ecosystem of Opportunities

Staking NOX Tokens

Staking NOX tokens is your gateway to unlocking fair and equitable access across the entire Equinox Ecosystem. This approach is designed to democratize access, ensuring that all participants, regardless of their stake size, can fully engage with the ecosystem's diverse offerings. Importantly, staking NOX activates these tokens within the ecosystem, playing a crucial role in contributing to token scarcity by locking them in the system. This not only fosters a more vibrant community engagement but also enhances the intrinsic value of NOX by balancing its availability and demand.

Access Pass NFTs

A limited number of Access Passes are reserved for holders of the 'Gifted' Celestial Collection NFTs, our early supporters from the ApolloX days. Holding these NFTs is comparable to staking an equivalent amount of NOX, offering equal access to the Noxstarter platform.

Staked NOX stacks on top of the Access Pass value, enabling access to higher tiers.

Giveaways and Prizes

In line with our commitment to inclusivity, Equinox offers alternative pathways to presale opportunities within Noxstarter. These opportunities are open to both our dedicated community members and newcomers who engage with our game nights, social media campaigns, or Nox Vegas.

A limited number of tickets, which grant access to various tier lotteries, may be available through these campaigns and as prizes in Nox Vegas. This approach facilitates limited participation in presales without the necessity of staking NOX or holding Access Passes and can also boost lottery chances and the potential for additional allocations for existing community members.

Initiatives like these broaden access to our platform for new users while adding significant value for our current community members. Active participation in these campaigns not only aids in expanding our reach and enhancing our brand presence but also contributes to generating NOX buying pressure, while fueling the Ecosystem Rewards.

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