🔍Detailed Funds Circulation

Nox Vegas

Users will be able to connect their wallet and deposit/withdraw supported tokens in/from Nox Vegas.

All deposits will be transferred to currency-specific wallets in the Nox Vegas Liquidity Pool.

Gas fees will be processed automatically when approving the deposit and withdrawal transactions.

At the end of the session, users will be required to withdraw all remaining funds.

Each wallet will have a threshold set by the admin, determining the minimum amount of tokens required to support the Nox Vegas rewards liquidity. This value will be adjusted manually based on the number of games, daily users, and house edge.

Periodically, excess tokens beyond the threshold will be processed as follows:

  • All NOX tokens will be transferred into the Ecosystem Rewards wallet.

  • All other currencies will be converted to ETH, and a portion of these funds will be used to acquire any token required to cover deficits within the Nox Vegas Liquidity Wallets.

Remaining funds will be distributed as follows:

  • 10% will flow into the Game Dev wallet to fund ongoing game dev support and the development of new games for Nox Vegas.

  • 45% will be transferred directly into Ecosystem Rewards.

  • 45% will be sent to the NOX Buyback Wallet and converted into NOX, before being sent to Ecosystem Rewards.


Equinox will charge a fee to each project offering early access sales through Noxstarter, as a percentage of the funds raised, taken in stablecoins across supported chains. Upon completion of the sale, all stablecoins from the project fee will be converted to ETH and processed as follows:

  • 50% will be transferred directly into Ecosystem Rewards.

  • 50% will be sent to the NOX Buyback Wallet and converted into NOX, before being sent to Ecosystem Rewards.

NOX Buyback

ETH in the NOX Buyback Wallet will be converted to NOX before sending the funds to Ecosystem Rewards. All funds sent to the NOX Tax Wallet from the 5% Transfer Tax will be periodically exchanged for ETH, with the NOX Buyback wallet being the primary source of ETH for this conversion. The exchange rate between ETH and NOX will be taken from the main liquidity pool on decentralized exchanges (DEX). If the NOX Tax Wallet has an insufficient amount of NOX to exchange the total amount of ETH in the NOX Buyback Wallet, the remaining amount of ETH will be used to buy NOX from DEX liquidity pools, using a staggered buy over the length of the cycle period.

Ecosystem Rewards Distribution

At the end of each period, ecosystem rewards will be distributed as follows:

  • All rewards will be paid out in ETH and NOX on the Arbitrum chain.

  • All referral rewards will be extracted from the total pool and distributed to users who referred others, based on the referred users' spend within the period.

  • All remaining funds will be distributed to staked NOX token holders, based on their total share of the generated pool weight.

Only pool weight from staking instances older than 30 days is included in the eligible pool weight calculation.

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