👴OG Community Round

OG Community Round: A Gesture of Appreciation to the Original Community

The OG Community Round marked the beginning of the NOX presale, recognizing the unwavering support and dedication of Equinox's core community members. This stage was crucial in revitalizing the community and paving the way for the NOX token's introduction.

Community Reactivation and Participation:

Marking the first step in reawakening from a prolonged period of reduced activity, this round impressively achieved participation from 438 unique wallet addresses. This represents an encouraging sign of resurgence, exceeding the participation in the last IDO launched in July 2022 by 14%, which signals strong re-engagement and commitment from Equinox's foundational supporters.

Community Sentiment and Ecosystem Benefits:

The round was received with overwhelming enthusiasm by the community. It offered original community members a unique opportunity to enhance their access to the Equinox Ecosystem at a discounted price of $0.07 per NOX, in anticipation of the transition from NFT-gated launchpad access to the broader NOX token-based model.

Financial Success and Token Burn:

The event successfully raised $377,537.77, selling a total of 5,393,396.67 NOX. Moreover, to strengthen the token's integrity, 1,606,603.33 NOX were intentionally burned, permanently reducing the total supply and underscoring the commitment to the token's long-term value.

Technical Proficiency and Multi-Chain Adaptability:

This round also marked a significant achievement in technical development, led by the newly onboarded Development Team. The team's ability to efficiently execute these advanced functionalities in a short timeframe underscored their technical proficiency and agility, crucial for the evolving demands of blockchain technology and the Equinox Ecosystem. This successful deployment not only enhanced the platform's capabilities but also instilled confidence in the team's ability to handle future technological expansions and challenges.

Allocation and Pricing Details:

  • Total Allocation: 7% of Total NOX Supply

  • Amount of NOX Allocated: 7,000,000 (7M) NOX

  • NOX Sold During Round: 5,393,396.67 NOX

  • NOX Burned Post-Round: 1,606,603.33 NOX

  • Presale Price: $0.07 per NOX

  • Total Funds Raised: $377,537.77

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