💰NOX Token

Redefining Tokenomics: Enter the NOX Token

In the nonconformist and innovative manner typical of the Equinox Ecosystem, the NOX token challenges established norms to redefine the alignment of incentives between the project and its token holders. At the core of this transformative approach is the non-inflationary model of NOX, ensuring that 100% of the tokens are in circulation from the Token Generation Event (TGE), with no portion reserved for the project. This groundbreaking strategy sidesteps the pitfalls of vesting schedules and eliminates the traditional burden of long-term token devaluation through project-held tokens being sold for operational funding.

Token Information

Initial Total/Max Supply: 100,000,000 (100M)

Current Total/Circulating Supply: 98,393,396.67 (98.39M)*

Burned to Date: 1,606,603.33

Token Contract: 0xF34450d1f23902657cffb2636153677be7D38750

*Token Supply is subject to burn mechanisms within the pre-sale phase.

Token contract includes limit of 240,000 NOX per wallet.

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