⚗️Allocation Mechanics

Smart Allocations: Fair and Proportional Token Distribution

In Noxstarter, the allocation of tokens across tiers is done proportionally, based not on arbitrary allocation by tier level, but on the relative NOX value staked in each tier. This ensures a balanced and equitable distribution of tokens.

Example: If one person holds 50,000 NOX in one tier and 200 people collectively hold 50,000 NOX (each holding 250 NOX) in another tier, the system allocates the same total amount of tokens to both tiers.

However, while the single holder of 50,000 NOX would be eligible for the entire allocation in their tier, the 200 holders of 250 NOX each would participate in a lottery for portions of their tier’s allocation. This principle ensures that regardless of your NOX holding, allocation remains fair and proportional across the entire system.

Dynamic Calculation

The Equinox Ecosystem uses an automated calculation to ensure proportional distribution and to promote decentralization.

The allocation for each tier is calculated considering the total tokens available for the Equinox Community offered in presale multiplied by each tier’s relative weight. Tier's relative weight is calculated by dividing the amount of NOX in tier (number of participating wallets in tier multiplied by the minimum NOX requirement to access this tier), divided by a total amount of NOX participating in the presale across all tiers.

TotalTokenAllocation×Amount of NOX in TierTotal Amount of NOX Participating in Presale{Total Token Allocation} \times \frac{\text{Amount of NOX in Tier}}{\text{Total Amount of NOX Participating in Presale}}

This formula implies that if a participant redistributes their NOX from a higher tier to multiple lower tiers, the allocated tokens will shift from the higher to the lower tiers accordingly. The system auto-adjusts to reflect such changes, continuously ensuring fair and equitable distribution.

By employing this method, Noxstarter ensures each tier receives a token allocation proportionate to its NOX contribution, addressing any imbalance that could arise from participants concentration in a single tier and maintaining the integrity and attractiveness of participation at every tier level.

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