🦮How to Participate in the NOX Community Round

Educational Step: Understand NOX and its Ecosystem

Educate Yourself: Before participating, learn what NOX token is, its utility within the Equinox Ecosystem, and comprehend that token contract involves mechanisms like sell/transfer tax.

Secure Your Allocation

For NFT Holders:

  1. Secure a Celestial Collection NFT: If you don't already own one, visit the secondary market at Equinox Marketplace to purchase.

  2. Check NFT Validity: Verify if your NFTs are valid and accounted for by connecting your wallet to NFT Eligibility. If any NFTs are missing, delist them or use the appropriate swap portal: https://app.equinox.fund/exchange-gifted - legacy gifted NFT claimed in September 2021, https://app.equinox.fund/exchange - legacy NFTs purchased on Liquiditify before March 2022.

For Partnered Community Members:

  1. Community Allocation Request: Ask your Community Leaders to complete the Allocation Request Form.

  2. Partnership Finalization: Equinox team will contact the community for partnership details and allocation sizes.

  3. Receive and Distribute Access Codes: Community members should obtain an access code from their community leaders. Communities will have the autonomy to distribute these codes amongst their members based on merit, contribution, creative campaigns, or raffles.

For Content Creators:

  1. Become a Sentinel of Equinox: If you're a content creator, start by completing the Sentinels of Equinox Onboarding Form.

  2. Secure Community Allocation: Request NOX allocations for your followers within the onboarding form.

  3. Partnership Finalization: Equinox team will contact the selected content creators to discuss the details and allocation sizes.

  4. Receive and Distribute Access Codes: Sentinels who secure allocations for their followers will have the autonomy to distribute the access codes amongst their members based on merit, contribution, creative campaigns, or raffles.

Sentinels of Equinox are eligible for 80,000 NOX (USD 6,400) in the Community Round, which grants Tier 10 access to the Equinox Ecosystem, ensuring guaranteed participation in all future early access opportunities.

How to Use the Presale App

  1. Prepare Funds: Ensure you have sufficient USDT or USDC on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

  2. Connect to the Presale Portal: Visit https://presale.equinox.fund and connect your wallet.

  3. Currency Selection: Choose between USDT or USDC.

  4. Participation Type Selection: Select whether you are an NFT holder or a partnered community member. NFT holders will have their allocations granted based on the NFTs held in the connected wallet, while access code holders will need to verify the code to unlock their allocation.

  5. Enter Purchase Amount: Specify how much USD, within your limit, you want to spend on NOX.

  6. Approve and Buy: First, approve the access to the presale contract using the “Approve” button, then finalize the purchase of NOX with the “Buy” button. You will need to confirm both transactions in MetaMask.

Visit https://equinox.fund/howtoparticipate for step-by-step video guide.

Bonus Round Participation (Optional): Stay alert for a possible Bonus Round for additional allocations.

Token Distribution

NOX tokens acquired each day will be periodically airdropped to wallets, typically the following day, throughout the round. Any remaining unsold tokens will be permanently burned.

Stake Your NOX

Stake your purchased NOX on Equinox's staking platform to participate in the 3.5M NOX Early Participation Rewards pool.

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